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HTML Chapter 2 Explanation of HTML tags that used in previous day coding

You already learned the basic code of HTML

Now, I am going to explain each of that codes

HTML script will be written between <html> and </html> tags

There will be two parts in html code. The ‘head’ part and ‘body’ part

The head part will be written between <head> and </head> tags

The Body part will be written between <body> and </body> tags

The body part is the visible part in html document

<!DOCTYPE html> this to document type tag
<html> This is the start tag of html codes

<title>This is the title of your page
<h1>This is your heading</h1>
<p>This is the paragraph, you can type a paragraph here</p>

</html> This is the end tag of html codes

open the index.html which you created yesterday and examine the texts

Let’s start with ‘html’

This tutorial is for my children to start with HTML coding

HTML is very easy to start and learn. let’s start our scripting with ‘html’.

HTML stands for ‘Hyper Text Markup Language’. HTML is mainly used to create websites and so on…

Are you ready to learn .. look into below

Open a notepad in your computer

If you don’t know how to open a notepad?, just ask your mother to show you how to open a notepad (any text editor can be used)

In Windows XP, Click on Start > All Programs > Accessories > Notepad

We are using Windows 10, just type ‘notepad’ in search box and open the notepad as in below picture


okay?  Are ready with any  text editor? (I mean, did you open your notepad?)

Just add the following codes into notepad

<!DOCTYPE html>
<title>This is the title of your page</title>
<h1>This is your heading</h1>
<p>This is the paragraph, you can type a paragraph here</p>

After typing the above code, you can save your notepad

Go to File

Select Save As

Type the file name as index.html as shown in the picture



Click to open index.html

Is your page looks like below – Success


Success ?, you have done your first webpage

Formatting a computer or drive

If you want to get rid all data from your hard drive or computer, you can format your drive. By formatting your hard drive, you are going to delete everything on the drive. So, it is very important to back up anything you might want to be later.

 If you are formatting your computer and you want to install back your operating system, then you need to make sure that you have CDs for all applications that you will need to re-install your programs and drivers for your 3rd party devices after re-installing operating system.

 First, backup all your data that you required. If you have more than one user in your computer, make sure that you made backup each user’s important documents or required items. Confirm My Documents, Favorites of web browsers etc.

 How to make backup

 Copy all your data to a CD, DVD or an external hard drive. If you have partition in your PC, you can copy your files to that partition which you are not going to format.

Don’t Postpond Exercise

Don’t postpone your physical exercise for any reason unless you intend to welcome your demise

Positive Thinking

Whenever you feel uninsterested on any thing, you have to start thinking optimistically, else you are spoiling rest of your life.